New Beginnings

R. & J. Peacock, 18x24 [2013] [Rose Afzal]

R. & J. Peacock

watercolor/ink/acrylic, 24 x 18″


January Bird-Fish, 24x18 [2013]

January Bird-Fish

watercolor/ink/acrylic, 24 x 18″


K. and C. Yellow Jay, 24x18 [2013] [Katherine Winters, Cody Winters]

K. & C. Yellow Jay

watercolor/ink/acrylic, 24 x 18″


Aldrich Phoenix, 8x10 [2013] [Brenna Aldrich]

Aldrich Phoenix

watercolor/ink, 8×10″

“Whatever you do or dream you can do – begin it.

Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


February Ouroboros, 8x10 [2013, New Beginnings]

February Ouroboros

watercolor/ink/acrylic, 8 x 10″


Dvorak's Cello, 8x10 [2013, New Beginnings]

Dvorak’s Cello

watercolor/ink/acrylic, 8 x 10″


Soaring Eagle, 24x18 [2013, New Beginnigs]

Soaring Eagle

watercolor/ink/acrylic, 24 x 18″


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