My name is Christine B. Ghattas, and I am a a self-taught artist from the United States.

I have enjoyed creating art since I was a child. When people ask me when I started making art, I reply that I never stopped! I find inspiration everywhere, all the time — in everyday moments as well as grand experiences and faraway places.

In 2011 I left the United States to live, study, and work abroad. I first traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica, where I lived for several months before moving to Santiago, Chile in 2012. Living abroad was an incredible experience – I gained many new insights and experiences in Costa Rica and Chile, and my art evolved along with my outlook on life. In December 2012 I returned home to the United States, where I am currently teaching, preparing for graduate school, and of course painting as much as ever. I’ll continue to share new paintings here, so I hope you will subscribe and check in often to see my latest work!


Questions? Comments? Contact me:



* Blog: 2011-’12 *

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    • Ah, I would be happy to, but that particular painting was for a specific person, so I no longer have it. I would be happy to do a different painting for you, though… I will email you right now 🙂

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